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Business Valuation

Manhattan Business Valuation Services

Before you invest your hard-earned money or seek to sell off assets, it is always wise to obtain an objective and accurate appraisal of the value of a commodity. You do not want to leave out any important information that could affect value, nor do you want false estimations that are clouded by subjective emotions. Solely relying on buyer opinions or marketplace estimates may not take into account important information, leaving you with unwelcome surprises.

Bovell Financial in Manhattan knows which data is relevant, where to find it, and how it impacts the actual worth of an enterprise. Jason Bovell’s goal is to assure the maximum return on your investment. By carefully considering even unforeseen elements, we can often find assets hidden in overlooked areas.

Important Factors in Accurate Valuations

Accurate estimations include a careful consideration of several aspects of a company’s value, such as:

  • Comparisons – Knowing the selling price of similar companies can provide valuable insight.
  • Income Capitalization – Using historical data to predict potential future profits.
  • Inventory of Assets – Taking stock of assets can generate revenue for small businesses and further investments for larger businesses.
  • Income Multiple – By ascertaining the seller’s net income or owner’s benefit amount, you can use the data to calculate an income multiple and to negotiate an optimal price value.
  • Liquidation Value – This perspective can be helpful for those looking to sell quickly.

Valuations Let You Know Where You Stand

With an accurate evaluation that includes all relevant data, people have a grasp on what their options are for future investments and a sober understanding of which offers should be taken seriously. They will also know what issues pose a risk or may need to be overhauled, such as debt accumulation or managerial incompetence.

Other Assets Benefit from Valuation Services?

Valuations are also advisable when looking at other assets. Knowledgeable accounting professionals can ensure that major tax cuts are not deducted from estate tax appraisals so that both beneficiaries and owners benefit. Divorce financial service valuations provide clear accounts of assets and income so all parties receive the correct amount of spousal support.

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At Bovell Financial, we offer a myriad of valuation services for a wide range of business transactions. Jason Bovell can help you stay on track to achieving success with wise business acuity. Located in Manhattan, he looks forward to hearing from you soon.  

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