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Business Valuation

Business Valuation Services in Manhattan

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Whether you are looking to purchase a company, or you are experiencing a significant event in your own enterprise, a formal valuation is important to understand the economic value of a business, asset, or company. A professionally prepared valuation can anchor the financial standing of a business by showing its past performance and revealing how it can be made more profitable.

Bovell Financial helps you and interested parties distill the actual value of an enterprise, from its assets and talent to its earning potential. We can also help you discover and understand the risks you're taking when investing in an existing venture.

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How Do Valuations Help?

Before you pursue a valuation, it is important to identify your end goals. Why are you valuing, and what are you trying to accomplish? Business valuations are made using judgment, experience, and relevant information. Professionals are well qualified to value your business with high accuracy, allowing you to be confident in the results of the valuation of your business and its respective market. These valuation services are advantageous and often necessary in the following situations:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Divorce
  • Estate Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financing Potential

  • Appropriate Foundations for Business Valuations

    The information in a professional valuation is used to buy, sell, liquidate, or raise the debt of a company. The reports must be based on clean accounting records according to US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). These are a set of guidelines regulating the reporting for public companies, non-profits, private businesses, and government authorities. These rules help ensure that all businesses are recording their financials the same way so that apples can be compared to apples.

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    The guidelines in GAAP create consistency and transparency on common topics like intangible assets, depreciation, and revenue recognition. Another set of important guidelines is the IFRS, or International Financial Reporting Standards. Adopting these principles can help US companies be more consistent with the rest of the world, which can have an impact on the interests of investors, managers, and accountants. If inventory and depreciation are valued the same way, then investors can fully understand the true standing of a business, especially a start-up company.

    Business Worth & Selling Price

    Each business is unique, with its particular market, competitive environment, and managerial experience. National or regional economic influences and financial history contribute to the internal and external factors that affect the value of a company, making the process complex and intricate. There are three basic ways to determine the value of a business.

    Three Common Approaches to Valuation

    Market Approach

    Establishes value in comparison to historical sales of similar businesses using the comparative transaction method and the guideline publicly traded company method. These methods rely on pricing multiples to determine the relationship between economic performance and potential selling price.

    Income Approach

    Determines the value of a business based on the company's ability to generate a specific economic benefit such as net cash flow or seller's discretionary cash flow. Discounted cash flow, capitalization of earnings, and multiple of discretionary earnings are all methods used in this approach.

    Asset Approach

    Uses the value of a businesses assets to determine the worth of the company, minus its liabilities. Asset accumulation and capitalized excess earning methods are commonly used for this approach. They answer the question, what will it cost to build another business with the same economic benefits?

    Valuations Tailored to Your Needs

    Having comprehensive, accurate insight into the value of your assets is crucial for making the right business decisions for the future. Whether you are looking to expand your business, draw investors, or reevaluate an existing business strategy, customized valuation services can help you to determine your place within the market effectively. To learn more about business valuation services in Manhattan, contact Bovell Financial today!

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