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Due Diligence

Due Diligence Consulting in Manhattan

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Due diligence is a method of examining a company's financial and business processes before buying, selling, or merging a business. Managing and reducing risk while improving the efficiency of the process is the central goal of due diligence. Our Manhattan CPAs are experienced in making these evaluations and providing you a comprehensive strategy to invest more effectively.

Bovell Financial provides due diligence services that can be used for mergers, start-up investments, and hedge fund research. Whether you are buying or selling it is important to get the information you need to invest wisely. Contact our Manhattan team today to learn more about our offerings.

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Why Due Diligence is Important

Whenever you invest, it is important to comprehend all possible ramifications that may arise as a consequence of this transaction. Exploring different sources of data about the investment can help you obtain the knowledge you need. Looking at past performance and predicting future profits requires extensive research, including:

  • Evaluating the total worth of an investment
  • Looking at profit, revenue, and margin trends
  • Examining market trends
  • Identifying management and ownership stakes
  • Examining balance sheets

Due diligence strategies differ depending on the type of business acquisition being considered. Start-up strategy often involves things like full evaluations and exit strategies, whereas the acquisition of a longer-term investment might involve very different tactics such as asset reviews and depreciation.

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Many clients question why due diligence is a recommended practice when the acquisition or investment being considered is already profitable. The answer is simple; historical success does not guarantee future success. Due diligence allows a buyer to thoroughly understand the benefits, opportunities, risks, and liabilities of the acquisition they're considering.

In addition to allowing a buyer to understand all facets of their consideration, due diligence positions them better if they're considering negotiating for the purchase. There may be weaknesses that can be used to discuss a more favorable purchase price or a product expansion opportunity that will provide a greater return in the future.

Due Diligence for Manhattan Mergers & Acquisitions

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When applied specifically to mergers and acquisitions, there may be up to 20 areas to apply due diligence analysis. It may be needed to verify facilities owned and determine if all the operational costs are being reported in the financials. It can also be used to get a better picture of the expected cost of expanding the target company. One of the most important types of due diligence is the auditing of financial statements. Current and past statements, capital expenditure plan, inventory schedules, and creditors and debtors are all important aspects to understand when considering potential merger and acquisition opportunities.

As a whole, due diligence allows an investor to validate the points presented to them by the seller, as well as discern whether or not this opportunity is the right investment for their business or personal portfolio. At Bovell Financial, we draw great satisfaction from guiding a merger or business purchase from valuation to success, making it easy for you to pursue your investment potential.

Due Diligence and Part-Time CFO Work in Manhattan

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Our due diligence services are flexible, meaning you can make use of them as part of our larger service of part-time CFO assistance or on a project basis. Bovell Financial offers a personalized and independent perspective of your business or investment. We utilize this unique position to your advantage, ensuring your potential acquisition is going to be a practical and profitable choice.

Due diligence can be done for business investments or for personal investing, such as putting money aside for retirement. Performing due diligence before contributing towards investments ensures you have the information you need to make the best decisions in favor of securing profits and minimizing losses.

Expert Due Diligence Services in Manhattan

Due diligence strategies differ depending on the type of business acquisition. We work with businesses of all sizes as well as wealth advisors, financial planners, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. When considering any investment, we can help gather as much research as possible so you can invest wisely. Call out Manhattan firm today and schedule your consultation.

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